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Roosevelt knows that without the British, he will not have a place to build up forces in. Any European invasion will have to be launched from America, and the supply logistics will doom any attempt to failure. He turns to Neville Chamberlain, the British Prime Minister, in an attempt to gain England's entry into the war.

As naval combat rages in the Atlantic and Pacific, a delegation of high ranking American officials arrives in England. They are met by Neville Chamberlain and a similar delegation. the negotiations begin, and Neville expresses his wish to join the war. However, he believes that the British are not ready for war. The crushing of Germany by the Soviets made it extremely obvious who the threat to England was, and they had started to get ready. But their mobilization is still underway. If the Americans will return at a later date, they may be more receptive. The Americans do not react well to this. They had been ordered to get Britain into the war on their side as soon as possible. It seems that the delegation is doomed to failure when an international incident occurs. What happened, and who does England join?

An English Vessel is sunk by the Soviets

An American vessel sinks a British ship

Soviets launch a pre-emptive invasion

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