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Chancellor Paul Lobe of Germany decries the invasion of Finland by the Soviet Union, and secretly begins negotiations with Poland, the Baltic States, Romania, Hungary, Japan and France and England to attack Russia, and overthrow the Communist dictatorship once and for all. With the vast Grand Alliance set up, the Army's of the respective nations are quickly prepared for war.

On May 7, 1940, Germany gives Stalin an ultimatum: withdraw from Finland and cease all aggressive military actions or else. The Soviet Leadership laughs at the demand, and war is declared the next day, the Allied Armies attack the USSR on all fronts: the British pushing up from India and Persia, a joint Anglo-French task force landing outside Murmansk, the Japanese invading Siberia and the Central European powers driving across Belorussia and the Ukraine, smashing the Red Army in the process.

Stalin is stunned at the onslaught, and the Soviet Union starts to buckle under the pressure. Efforts to try to end the fighting are rejected by the allies, who now only wish to see the USSR be eliminated. By September the allies are outside Moscow, have captured Vladivostok and liberated Finland and conquered Leningrad (renamed St. Petersburg by the occupiers). But the Allies have overstretched the supply routes and raw recruits are being rushed into battle by the Russians, slowing the advance through the sheer number of bodies thrown at them. Also, the alliance is starting to crack: the British and French are in trouble at home for needlessly entering a new war with no thought, the Japanese refuse to help out further west and the Germans and Central European nations are taking the brunt of the fighting.

But who will crack first?

Created by Tbguy1992

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