1939: After failure of talks regarding the Polish Corridor and Danzig, Germany formalizes an alliance with Russia. Plans are made to invade Poland. Germany uses blitzkrieg tactics while Russia invade Poland through huge numerical superiority. In a matter of days, Poland is under German and Russian control. The British Empire and the French Empire declare war against the German Reich.

1940: German troops invade Denmark and Norway in Operation Weserbung to secure shipments of Swedish iron ore. Germany conquers the Low Countries and France in the Battle of France. The British attempt to help France but the Royal Navy and the Royal Air Force is destroyed. The British Expeditionary Force is forced to retreat to Dunkirk, where they are wiped out by panzer divisions.

1941: British factories and military bases are continuously bombed by the Luftwaffe. The merchant fleet is wiped out by German submarines. Radar stations are destroyed. Britain surrenders itself and its colonies to the German Reich. Italian troops decisively defeat the British troops in North Africa at the Battle of El-Alamein.

1942: German troops launch a divergent attack on the Soviet Union. German forces siege Moscow and Leningrad without much resistance but encounter serious opposition at Stalingrad. After a period of fighting in German favour, the Russian forces are defeated at the Battle of Stalingrad.

1943: Japan attack the US naval base at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii and destroy the entire American Pacific Fleet. Soon, Hawaii is taken by Japan, as are the Philippines, Singapore and Guam. The Japanese navy encounters some Australian resistance at Midway Island but defeat the small naval force in the Battle of Midway. South-East Asia is conquered as is Malaysia and the New Guinea island.

1944: German forces move from Egypt and start invading the Middle East, capturing Palestine and Iraq in a week. Spain invades Gibraltar, Italy sieges Malta and Turkey takes Cyprus. Japan marches northward and takes the Far East of the Soviet Union.

1945: Japan moves back down and hurls their forces at Australia and New Zealand. While New Zealand immediately capitulates, Australia lasts a few weeks before surrendering and being occupied by Japanese forces. Germany launches a raid on Canada, resulting in a short war but Canada backs down and is occupied by Germany. Spain invades Portugal with some German help, completing Spanish dominance of the Iberian

A little boy and his father are listening to the Führer's speech on the radio as Germany declares war on the USA. The boy asks his father where the USA is. The father takes down a globe and runs his hand across the USA, saying "All of this area of North America, son".

The boy looks at the globe and asks "and where is the British Empire?". The father indicates Britain, Canada, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and India on the globe.

"I see", said the boy. "And where is Russia?" The father showed him the sprawling mass of the USSR on the globe. The boy's eyebrows furrowed with concentration.

"And where is Germany?", he asks. His father points at the area of central Europe where the Reich is located. The boy looks very concerned and says "Dad, has Hitler seen this?"

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