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The allies, disunited, meet at Geneva, but find themselves unable to agree on a thing. The USSR threatens to leave the war, and later does after all of its requests are denied. Outraged, Britain and France cut off all relations to the USSR.

However, in the meanwhile, without having to fight a two front war, the Germans ferociously counterattack. The Allies are driven back with heavy losses, losing Dresden, Cologne, Frankfurt, then Vichy and finally, Paris itself. The French government and troops retreat to Africa, and attempt an attack on Itlay, but the Britiah instead focus on France. As a result, neither works.

Not all hope is lost, though. In America, FDR convinces Congress to declare war on Germany, and sends vast numbers of troops to aid them. Halfway across the Atlantic, though, Japan declares war on the US, and launches an attack on Manila, Singapore, and several other major cities. Soo, only India remains, but that will not fall- Indians across the country are signing up, nearly 9 million of them. Still, the Japanese make gains, taking first Hawaii, then, with Russian help, Alaska. Los Angeles is hard pressed by the Japanese soldiers. The US thus cannot send as many soldiers as Britain needs. And meanwhile, Canada begins to fall to the USSR.

Nazi Germany, too, is on the move. First striking at the Arabian oilfields, they then smash through Africa. France, having just secured the Isles of Sicily, is forced to abandon them due to an Italian counter, while its African colonies are smashed open; with local aid, the Nazis destroy the French army in Algeria.

By 1944, Canada signs the Articles of Surrender, making it effectively a USSR puppet.

The Leaders of Britain and America are faced with a choice.

Sends troops to America to secure it, then hope that internal rivalries will rip the Axis apart.

Surrender to the Axis on the terms that they are not annexed.

Launch a surprise counter attack, freeing Canada.

The Royal Guns (talk) 06:57, July 11, 2012 (UTC)

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