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The invasion into Nazi territory sparks an unforeseen reaction. Nuclear missiles are detected originating from all across Germany. Major cities are destroyed in the United States and its allies, including Washington, D.C., where President Goldwater barely escapes. He orders an immediate counter-strike, devastating cities and military bases across Nazi Germany.

Both countries are in ruins, as their remaining governments struggle to maintain order over the next few years. Many survivor states split off over time, as it becomes obvious the former governments will never fully control all of the original territory.

The world in 2012 is one of paranoia and fear. Anti-German and Anti-American sentiment are firmly ingrained into the former American and Nazi people, respectively. Communities that managed to survive are usually highly xenophobic. Parts of Europe and North America still linger with radioactivity. Australia and China have emerged to become superpowers in this world, although Brazil and India are catching up to them. There is a widespread No Nukes policy called the Beijing Conference, owing its existence to the disasters that wiped out two great nations. The United States exist only as a memory as their last heroic act against the Germans was to be remembered for years to come.

In years beyond 2012, China became a very powerful nation landing the first person on Mars in 2025 and mass-producing cars by 2020. In India, more people are being crowded in and Hinduism is very popular still in India. Now, in Australia, they remember the Americans and their great story. In this new world, the island down under strives to be America's successor in this world torn apart by the America & Germany.

Over in America, things aren't looking too good. A new nation based off the Roman Empire, Ceaser's Legion is rising to power and over in California, the New Californian Republic is formed. Many other factions are throughout the America's and in Germany, people are reduced to Anarchy and Germany is no longer even a relic of the Great Nazi Party Hitler once ruled. Germany is no more and is destroyed while the Hitler's Grandsons scattered throughout the world not wanting to relive their father's legacy EVER again.

End of Timeline

Doctor Evulz (talk) 05:33, December 16, 2012 (UTC)

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