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The British, despite sending any troops they can spare to Turkey, find that the Germans are just too strong. The German army smashes through successive defense lines, and no matter what the British do, they can not stop them. Finally, they acknowledge the inevitable, and pull all their troops back to the Iraqi border with Turkey. With the British gone, the Turks don't stand a chance. A month later, Turkey surrenders to the Axis Powers.

Guderian, pleased with his success, places a government in power in Turkey that is loyal to the Germans. He has secured his control over the Balkans, and dominates the Dardanelles. The British position in the Middle East is in a position of unraveling quickly if he pushes them. This will also give the Reich access to the Middle Eastern oil supplies, in addition to the Romanian oil fields. .

Making his decision, he launches his armies into Iraq. The British resist, but a fascist uprising in their rear dooms their defense to failure. They have to keep withdrawing, or risk being encircled. soon, the Germans seize Baghdad, and drive onto the south. The British fall back into Palestine, and the Sinai, where the Germans are brought to a halt by terrain and extended supply lines. A newly independent Iraq joins the Axis Powers, and provides oil to the Germans, for a price.

The Germans have secured their position in the Middle East, Once their supply lines have been brought up, they can continue the drive into Egypt, and wrap up the British in North Africa. Alternatively, they could seek an alliance with the Shah of Persia, and move into India. There is also the possibility that the British may have seen the light, and will be willing to negotiate an armistice. The Russians sure are looking threatening over the Reich's extended flank ...

What happens next?

Guderian invades Egypt

Seek an alliance with Persia

Attempt to negotiate an armistice

Russia attacks

Created by: Azecreth 16:41, September 30, 2011 (UTC)

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