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Germany had no intention of making peace with an America that still had forces within the Reich. Using the armistice as cover, they marshalled their forces in Western Europe for an offensive which they hoped would drive the Americans into the seas. The offensive will be led by Germany's best tank commander, General Manstein, who had distinguished himself with the quick defeat of France in the Second world War.

The Germans attack quickly, taking the American forces by surprise, and breaching the line in three places. The offensive has all the characteristic Manstein flair. The Americans struggle to recover, under the leadership of General Patton. Two tank commanders face off in the fields of France, one who has never known defeat, and the other who is getting his real taste of German steel and fire.

The fate of Kennedy rests on the outcome of the German offensive. If he can pull off a miraculous victory, which will have the effect of crippling the remaining German forces, he may get Congressional authority to continue the war. If it is a disaster, with the Americans being forced back into the ocean, he will certainly be impeached.

The German offensive is a huge success! The Americans are thrown back into the sea!

Moderate gains. The homeland is secured, but total victory was not achieved.

The German offensive is a disastrous failure.

Created by: Azecreth 19:38, September 3, 2010 (UTC)

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