Germany looked a lot like it does in OTL, but just with the land in Poland added to it. In 1432, The Dutch Empire declared war on a few German states and in 1433, Germany was annexed by The Dutch Empire (then called: Habsburg Netherlands) Just after conquering Germany, The Dutch Empire changed it's name into The Kingdom of The Netherlands (changed into The Dutch Empire in 1805). This shows Germany as a province of The Dutch Empire which still lasts today.

Dutch Province of Germany
Niederländischen Provinz Deutschland
Timeline: World Dominating

OTL equivalent: Germany 1914
Niederlandischenprovinzdeutschlandvlag Niederlandischenprovinzdeutschlandcoa
Flag Coat of Arms
Green: Dutch Province of Germany

"Erobere die Welt!" (German)
("Conquer the world!")

Anthem "Wilhelmus (in German)"
(and largest city)
  others Latin
Demonym Dutch
Government Indirect democracy under Dutch constitutial monarchy
Provincieleider Franz Herbun
Established 1433
Annexation to The Dutch Empire
  date 1433
Currency Gulden
Calling Code +31
Internet TLD .nl

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