German Federation
Timeline: Vikings in the New World
Preceded by 1763- Succeeded by
Flag of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

Flag of Bohemia
Flag of Saxony
Flag of Brandenburg
Flag of Thuringia

German Federation Flag Wappen Deutsches Reich - Königreich Preussen (Grosses)
Flag Coat of Arms
Europe blank map VINW Germany
Location of the German Federation

Placeholder (German)

Anthem "Placeholder"
Capital Berlin(?)
Largest city Berlin
Other cities Munich, Frankfurt
  others French, Czech, Arabic
Government Federation
  legislature Placeholder
Currency Placeholder

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the German Federation is a country in Europe.






In 1760, Denmark-Sweden began funding Rikardist rebels in Pomerania and Brandenburg. After revolutions in both countries, Saxony, Franconia and Thuringia felt threatened by the Rikardist presence, fearing to be attacked by the Rikardists. In 1763, they officially united as the German Federation, to combat the Rikardists. Within 3 years, several German states joined the Federation, including Westphalia and Bohemia. In 1779 the first war broke out, which was won by the German Federation. In 1784 the Second Rikardist-German War began, resulting in the end of the Most Serene Republic of Brandenburg, which was absorbed into the Federation. Only 1 year after the end of the Second War, the Third War broke out in 1787, lasting the longest(5 years) and ending in 1792 with the end of the MSR Pomerania and the Danish-Swedish economy taking a massive hit. In 1801 a quick naval war, lasting only 2 months, took place, ending in the only Rikardist victory of all 4 wars. The Rikardist Wars are said to be one of the prime reasons the MSR Denmark-Sweden collapsed, as it greatly hurt the economy and caused many casualties.

Political Subdivisons

German Federation Divisions