Germany a country situated in central and eastern Europe, with its capital situated in Berlin. It is Europe's main economic and political power together with the British Socialist Federal Republic.

The country has 100 millions of inhabitants due to the effects of the natality boom that followed the assassination of Hitler and the end of the Second World War.

The country is singular in Europe as not all the country uses the same currency, All the nation uses the German Mark as a standard currency and the official legal tender in many states, but Bayern, Baden- Würtemberg, Oberchlesien, Niederschlesien, and Schleswig-Holstein use the Swiss Frank, the Polish Zloty, and the Danish Crown, as their currency, as stated in the constitution of 1947 that :

"Der Staat behält sich das Recht instate eine nationale Währung wie die Standard-Währung für die ganze Nation in internationale Werte, aber es ist das Recht der Gliedstaaten zu einer nationalen Währung auf ihren eigen. (The state reserves itself the right of instate a national currency as the standard currency for the whole nation in international values, but it is the right of the federated states to adopt a national currency on their own.)

Germany is a multinational state comprising the following languages and ethnicities


- Polish

- Danish

- Czech


The languages of these ethnicities are all official at National Level and the compulsory military service is done in the native languages.

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