Deutsches Reich
German Empire
Timeline : Regnum Argenta
German Empire Flag (Nat. 1848)
Government Constitutional elective federal monarchy
Deutscher Bund (Regnum Argenta)
Capital :


Longest city Vienna
Population  ???
Extension  ???
Oficial Lenguages German, danish, dutch, and polish. English de jure.
Demonym German
Kaiser: Charles I
Chancellor: Angela Merkel
Legislature Reichstag (Great Chamber)
Economy Capitalism?


Technology Level High
Human Rights High level

Mostly protestant or catholic.

The German Empire is a constitutional monarchy in Europe. It borders France to the west; Holland to the north-west; Italy to the south; Yugoslavia to the south-east; Hungary to the south-east; Poland to the east and Denmark to the north.

The German government consists of a executive-diplomatic-sovereign power (the Kaiser, the electors, the Chancellor and her ministers); and a legislative-judiciary power (the Reichstag).

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