Federal Republic of Germany
Bundesrepublik Deutschland
Timeline: Quebec Independence
Flag of Germany Coat of arms of Germany
Flag Coat of Arms
QI Germany
Location of Germany
Anthem "Deutschlandied"
Capital Vienna
Largest city Berlin
Language German
  others Catholocism
Ethnic Group German
Demonym German
Government Federal Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy
Emperor Georg Friedrich
Chancellor Joachim Gauck
Established August 13, 2003

Germany is a major power of Europe and one of the most populous countries in the continent.

Germany can trace it origins to the German Empire, formed in the middle 1800s. From there, the Empire became a world power, being a leading member of the alliance that defeated France in World War I. However, the Great Depression and appeasement of the resurgent France dealt a great toll on Germany, which led to its early defeat in World War II. The French occupied northern Germany and formed a puppet state in the south, the Protectorate of Austria. As the war ended, Unitarian Russia conquered the French occupied half, while the Western powers defeated the Protectorate. Disagreements over the future government led to the splitting of the Unitarian North Germany and the Western democratic South Germany, with Emperor Wilhelm III and later Emperor Louis Ferdinand acting as a counselor to the South German government. With neither side able to gain victory in the German War of the 1950s, the two halves were permanently split.

North Germany was annexed into Russia in 1993, resulting in a resurgence of nationalist feelings. South Germany secretly funded several northern German liberation movements that eventually resulted in the War of Liberation starting in 1998. North Germany would finally win its independence in 2003, and its population immediately voted to reunite with South Germany. The two halves reunited on August 13, 2003, becoming a parliamentary constitutional republic, with Georg Friedrich becoming the constitutional monarch with little power.

Since then, Germany had modernized its formerly Unitarian half, and now has one of the largest economies in the world, being a leader in several industries.