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Großdeutsches Reich
Greater German Reich
1933 –
Flag of the German Empire Reichsadler 1889
"Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Führer.
("One People, one Empire, one Leader.")
"Das Lied der Deutschen"
Official language: German
State ideology: Revised National Socialism
Government: Multi-party state
Head of government:
- 1943 –
Erwin Rommel
Area: 10,633,786 km² (2nd)
Population: 349,314,000 (2nd)
  - Total:
  - Per capita:
2007 estimate
$25.791 trillion (1st)
$57,854 (1st)
- Machtergreifung:
- Gleichschaltung:
- Ermächtigungsgesetz:
- Anschluss:
- Invasion of ČSR:
- Invasion of Poland:
- Conquest of France:
- Treaty of Kiev:
Interwar period
January 30, 1933
February 27, 1933
March 31, 1933
April 10, 1938
October 1, 1938
September 1, 1939
June 25, 1940
April 15, 1943
Currency: Reichsmark

After the Assassination of Hitler, Germany was De-Nazified. The Old Imperial flag was restored, the Jews were freed and allowed to Emigrate to Palestine, and the United States of Europe was formed. Germany is now the heart of the USE, and one of the four great powers that compete in the Cold War.


After the deposition of Hitler, the Reichstag was re-opened, and elections were held. the major parties are the Christian Social Democrats, and the Free Democratic Party.


Wehrmacht Herr



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