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German Empire (English)
Deutsches Reich (German)
Timeline: Look Out, Sir! Revised (Map Game)

OTL equivalent: German Empire
Flag of the German Empire Wappen Deutsches Reich - Reichsadler 1889
Flag Coat of Arms

Gott mit uns! (German)
("God with us! (English")

Anthem "Heil dir im Siegerkranz! (Imperial)

Das Lied der Deutschen (Popular)

Die Wacht am Rhein (Unofficial)"

(and largest city)
Other cities Konigsberg, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Cologne, Danzig, Munich, Stuttgart, Dusseldorf, Dortmund, Essen, Bremen, Dresden, Leipzig, Hannover, Nuremburg, Poznan
  others Minority Languages:

Danish, French, Yiddish, Sorbian, Low German, Polish, Frisian, Lithuanian

Colonial Languages: Bantu, Oshiwambo, Afrikaans, Swahili, Tsingtao Chinese, Mandarin Chinese, Papuan Languages, Samoan

  others Roman Catholicism, Judaism
Ethnic Groups
  others Polish, Danish, Russian, Czech, Lithuanian, Belgian, Dutch, African, Chinese, South-East Asian
Demonym German
Government Federal Monarchy
  legislature Reichstag
Kaiser Wilhelm II
  von Preussen: von Preussen
Chancellor Theobald von Bethmann-Hollweg
540,857.54 km2
  water (%) 7,798 km2
Population 64,925,993 Germans
  per capita {{{gdp_capita}}}
Established 1871
Currency German Papiermark
Time Zone Central European Time Zone
  summer Daylight Savings Time


The German Empire is a Federal Monarchy, in which the different areas are like 'states' in the United States. This is the division:

  • Kingdom of Prussia
  • Kingdom of Bavaria
  • Kingdom of Saxony
  • Kingdom of Württemberg
  • Grand Duchy of Baden
  • Grand Duchy of Hesse
  • Grand Duchy of Mecklenburg-Schwerin
  • Grand Duchy of Mecklenburg-Strelitz
  • Grand Duchy of Oldenburg
  • Grand Duchy of Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach
  • Duchy of Anhalt
  • Duchy of Brunswick
  • Duchy of Saxe-Altenburg
  • Duchy of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha
  • Duchy of Saxe-Meiningen
  • Principality of Lippe
  • Principality of Reuss-Gera
  • Principality of Reuss-Greiz
  • Principality of Schaumburg-Lippe
  • Principality of Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt
  • Principality of Schwarzburg-Sonderhausen
  • Principality of Waldeck-Pyrmont
  • Free Hanseatic City of Bremen
  • Free Hanseatic City of Hamburg
  • Free Hanseatic City of Lübeck
  • Imperial Territory of Alsace-Lorraine
  • Imperial Territory of Osten-Kork (East Liège)
  • Imperial Territory of Belgium
  • Imperial Territory of the Netherlands
  • Imperial Territory of Lithuania
  • Imperial Territory of Latvia
  • Imperial Territory of Estonia


Ground Forces


The German Army consists of:

  • 13,000,000 Soldiers
  • 100 GAT-01 Light Tanks
  • 1 GAT-01 Prototype Tank
  • 476,000 Artillery Pieces (Of Different Sorts)
  • 1,000 GAT-03t Light Tanks
  • 1,000 FTDV-17v Tank Destroyers


The German Navy consists of:

  • 16 Ironclad Warships
  • 8 Coastal Defense Ships
  • 45 Battleships
  • 18 Battle Cruisers
  • 8 Protected Cruisers
  • 9 Armored Cruisers
  • 9 Unprotected Cruisers
  • 44 Light Cruisers
  • 4 Mine Laying Cruisers
  • 1 Aircraft Carrier
  • 9 Avisos
  • 17 Gun Boats
  • 6 Corvettes
  • 331 Torpedo Boats/Torpedo Boat Destroyers
  • 1 Tanker
  • 22 Dreadnoughts
  • 14 Dreadnought Battleships
  • 29 U-Boats
  • 50 Destroyers

Air Force

The German Air Force consists of:

  • 5,835 Aircraft
  • 82 Airships
  • 723 Zeppelins
  • 20,406 Air Force Personnel

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