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Empire of Greater Germany
Großdeutsches Reich
Timeline: Here we go again
Flag of Germany No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
(and largest city)
  others Polish, Italian
Kaiser Karl II
Chancellor Kurt Beck (SPD)
Area area km²
Population population 
Established 1850
Currency Reichsmark


Pre-Unification period

Erfurt Union

Problems, and the Ausgleich

Colonial Expansion

World War I

Interim Period

German Civil War and Dissolution

Steel-cross Regime

Partial Re-integration and Prussification

World War II


Modern Times

Government and Politics


  • Empires:
    • Austria
  • Kingdoms:
    • Bavaria
    • Hanover
    • Prussia
    • Saxony
    • Thuringia
    • Wurtembourg
  • Principalities:
    • Hesse-Kassel
    • Liechenstein
    • Lippe
    • Schaumburg-Lippe
    • Waldeck
  • Grand Duchies:
    • Baden
    • Mecklenburg
    • Oldenburg
  • Duchies:
    • Vichy France
    • Anhalt
    • Nassau
  • Free Cities:
    • Bremen
    • Lubeck
    • Frankfurt am Main
    • Hamburg

N.B. All states in bold type are Electors


Flag of Germany   Member-states of Germany   Flag of Germany

Anhalt | Austria | Baden | Bavaria | Bremen | Frankfurt am Main | Hamburg | Hanover | Hesse-Kassel | Liechenstein | Lippe | Lubeck | Mecklenburg | Nassau | Oldenburg | Prussia | Saxony | Schaumburg-Lippe | Thuringia | Waldeck | Wurtembourg

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