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Der Republik Deutschland
Republic of Germany
Timeline: Finland Superpower

OTL equivalent: Germany
Flag of Germany (Finland superpower) Germanfinlandsuperpowercoa2
Flag of Germany Coat of Arms of Germany
Germany (Finland Superpower)
- in Europe (dark grey)
- Germany's capital, Berlin. (the star)

Motto: '"Gott mit uns"
(God with us)'

Anthem None
Capital Berlin
Largest city Berlin (pop. 3,901,000)
Other cities Frankfurt (second largest)
  - Official:
  - Other languages French, Finnish
Ethnic group German (99%), Turkish (>1%)
Type of government Federal Parliamentary republic
President: Loch Kartoffel
Chancellor: Hans Spalte
Area 337,429 sq.
Population 67,986,013
  - 2017 estimate {{{year_est}}}
  - 2017 census {{{year_cen}}}
Independence from Formation
  Declared 29 January 1871
  Recognized 13 May 1940 (German Republic)
Currency Deutsche Mark (DM)
Gini 67.8 (high)
HDI 0.898 (high)
Time zone GCT 22 +(UTC)
Date formats (dd-mm-yyyy)
Internet TLD .deu
Calling code +1

Germany infrastructure

While Germany has one the best housing conditions and infrastructures in Europe, it suffers from a sluggish economy.

Finland germany union fin

In 2004, Finland and Germany worked on and introduced a financial union between the two countries. As such, the German economy has grown largely since 2007. The emblem for the union (top), reads "Shaping a Better Financial Tomorrow" in German and Finnish, respectively. (NOTE: It should read "Muotoillen parempaa taloudellista huomista". -A native Finn)


  • 1937: Rudolf Hess is made Supreme Chancellor of Nazi Germany, and is expected to being Germany back on its feet and begin an expansionist campaign of Europe.
  • 1937: The Hindenburg flight goes without a hitch, inspiring people to take to the skies via airships.
  • 1943, August 16: World War II ends for Germany; Hess is sentenced to life in prison.
  • 1992: The 'Republican Union of Europe' becomes the United Republics. (October 10th)

Upcoming Events

  • 2009: December 10th: Germany leaves the United Republics, followed by Greece. (December 31st)
  • 2012: The 'United Republics' dissolves. (September 5th)
  • 2013: Germany and Finland form the European Economic Union (June 12), hoping other countries will join. Eventually Austria joins (June 10th, 2014), followed by France (August 14th), and Spain (November 1st).
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