Flag of East Germany

Communist Germany's Flag


Communist Germany was established in 1937. Hitler died Serving in WW1. He never came to power. Instead, Ernst Thälmann Came to power in 1933. He didn't work on Germany's economy as much as the people wanted. He was shot on October 12th 1936 during an Oktoberfest party. Joseph Stalin, the leader of The the USSR, decided to take advantage of this situation. He established a German Communist Puppet State with the president as Baron Lamm, a famous German American outlaw, came to power the next year.


Communist Germany has the 4th largest economy in the world about a fifth of its money is spent on the military. It's biggest company is Volkswagen, with Adidas as a close second. It's military is ranked 5th in the world, with missiles easily capable of hitting London, Paris, and Moscow.

Socialism/Democracy War

Communist Germany was involved in Socialist/Democracy War on the Socialist side. In 1956, Germany was Forced into the war by the USSR being attacked by Japan because of the Signing of the Warsaw Pact. Also, the United Kingdom was involved in the war. Germany not only served as a valuable barrier between The United Kingdom and the USSR, but a way to keep other nations such as France, in check. Eventually towards end of the war the USSR went into an a major famine, leaving Communist Germany and the United Kingdom as the worlds remaining Superpowers.
Europe (No WW2)

Map of Socialism/Democacy war Europe


Communist Germany came out of the Socialist/Democracy War as the only European Communist Country Remaining. Germany came out of the gates during the 1970's Turkish Missile Crisis and proved itself to be a world power.

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