This alternate history scenario is a world where France crushes Germany in the Franco-Prussian War.

Germany's Late


The Franco-Prussian War begins, with the North German Confederation (NGF) against France. As the war continues as normal, the Russian Empire wonders if they should help the French. In September, Russia declares war on the NGF to stop a united Germany. Paris is besieged as Danzig falls to the Russians, and the Germans invade through the south. Warsaw is besieged by the NGF, and Denmark and Austria-Hungary join the war in November on the French side. The NGF withdraws from Paris, and Austria invades through Bavaria while Denmark invades through Holstein. Bismarck is sacked, and the NGF surrenders in late December.


Treaty of Danzig

  • France: Baden, Hesse, and Wurttemburg become vassals of France until 1900. NGF pays subsides for 5 years.
  • Russia: gains Danzig
  • Austria-Hungary: Bavaria becomes a vassal of AH
  • Denmark: gains Holstein


Russia, AH, and France form an alliance called the Great Trio.


Britain and the NGF form an alliance. Italy also joins this alliance.


A Bulgarian revolt is crushed. The Ottomans are pressured to reform.

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