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The German High command turns to the last advantage that they have, in their opinion: tactical nuclear weapons. They release their stockpiles to their battlefield commanders, but demand that commanders get permission for their usage before launching any nuclear attacks. They don't want this to escalate into M.A.D.

The Americans first realize the change in German Strategy when two 7 kiloton tactical nuclear weapons vaporize the armored spearheads of the US First Army en route to Dijon. The Americans later retaliate by using a spread of three 10 kiloton tactical nuclear weapons on Reims, as they attempt to eliminate the Nazi presence there. This marks the beginning of a new, crueler phase of warfare, with civilian lives taking an ever decreasing prominence. Now, instead of going through city warfare, the Allies just drop nuclear weapons on them and bypass them. Brussels, Mulhouse, Antwerp, and more all vanish in tactical nuclear fire. The Germans retaliate and many more allied soldiers vanish into the fires of war.

Finally, the last step is taken. On May 9, 1962, Nazi Germany launches their entire strategic nuclear arsenal at targets across the globe, ranging from Sydney to New York, to Cairo. Within minutes, the American launch their arsenal in retaliation. Nuclear fire engulfs the globe, with every major city receiving at least 1 nuclear weapon from either ICBM strikes or from nuclear submarines.

Civilisation is thrown back hundreds of years, as major cities are destroyed, countries collapse, and electronics stop working. Pockets of people survive around the world, but nations collapse, and everything that mankind has worked to achieve is destroyed in the nuclear fire, or in the winter to follow.

in the year 2010, the world is in a bad way. Most of the radiation from the nuclear war has subsided, and temperatures are returning to normal, but civilisation is still ruined. Nations are starting to form again, yet they are xenophobic, cautious of outsiders, as they take their tentative steps into this new world. The world is in the Middle Ages again, with serfdom being the new social structure, although now they are supported on the remnants of the 20th century world. This is a Brave New World, and one which will have to chart a new course, to avoid the fate of it's predecessor .

End of timeline

Created by: Azecreth 16:47, February 17, 2011 (UTC)

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