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Germany, exhausted by the sudden American and Soviet offensives, decides that now would be the best time to ask for an armistice, before the war goes nuclear, which they would lose for sure. And, the Nazi's know that President John F. Kennedy is under intense pressure to end the war quickly, as he basically started it without a declaration of war or with the approval of Congress, and casualties have already hit over two million in the past four months.

Germany sends Field Marshall Rommel, the most respected commander of the Wermachat by friend and foe alike, to the head quarters of US Army General Westmoreland in Paris, and the two meet, and Rommel announces that he is seeking an armistice. Westmoreland, just recently refused more troops, knows he can't knock out Germany without resorting to "The Bomb", so he accepts the offer. Within hours, firing stops along the US-Germany front, and the troops meet in between the lines and exchange food and gifts. The skies are silent, with the Luftwaffe and the USAF only flying on their side of the lines, and only on combat air patrol missions, just in case.

In Washington, Kennedy is furious. He wanted to destroy the Nazi's, not make peace with them! He goes in front of Congress, deciding to try to ask for a continuation of the war. But the Congress, ticked off at not being consulted before the conflict started, instead announce that they are going to start an impeachment trial for the abuse of the Executive powers.

What happens next?

Now is Germany's chance!

Impeachment of Kennedy is successful

America falls into turmoil

created by Tbguy1992 06:25, August 31, 2010 (UTC)

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