World War II (1940 - 1943)

Battle of Britain

In 1940 after Hitler had invaded Poland, he took over Denmark, Norway, Netherlands, Belgium and France. Then he bombed Britain. Hitler's generals told him to bomb the airfields and he did. The British kept fighting with all the resources they had. Supplies became limited in Britain. London was severely bombed on September 9 1940. A number of landmarks such as St Paul's Cathedral was damaged really badly by German air bombing. Winston Churchill, however, refused to surrender. The United States at the same time wanted to try to stay out of the war but Franklin D Roosevelt made it clear that if Britain was defeated he would soon declare war on Nazi Germany. On September 30 1940 Hitler invaded Britain and German troops stormed London on October 13 and by November 1 1940 England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland were under German occupation. Winston Churchill, however, escaped from England. King George VI and Queen Elizabeth II were murdered by the Nazis along with the rest of the royal family. Winston Churchill escaped on board a British submarine that went to New York City.

US Declares war on Germany

On November 5 1940 Hitler was planning his invasion of Russia. Meanwhile, the United States thought they could still have a better chance of staying out of World War II. This was because they believed the Soviet Union and Joseph Stalin could defeat Nazi Germany and Adolf Hitler. Joseph Patrick Kennedy, however, hated the British. He thought that Britain's defeat in the Blitz, however, could led up to the collapse the British Empire and then make the United States the dominate power. However, the Soviet Union could become a major superpower, too. The 20th century would be recognised at this point as the American or Soviet century. Winston Churchill pleaded to Franklin D Roosevelt to declare war on Nazi Germany and therefore, on December 7 1940 Franklin D Roosevelt declared war on Nazi Germany.


In January 1941 resistance groups operated throughout Britain and Ireland. In India though Mahatma Gandhi refused the Indian people to worship Hitler. Therefore, India remained under British rule along with Burma, Malay, Hong Kong and Singapore. Canada, Australia, South Africa and New Zealand were still at war with Nazi Germany. The United States in March 1941 opened a new front on the Atlantic Ocean. German casualties were high on this new front. Japan therefor on April 7 1941 attacked Pearl Harbor and invaded Thailand and Burma on April 9 1941. The United States declared war on the Japanese Empire to and Hitler invaded the Soviet Union on May 31 1941. In June 1941 the Germans had lost almost their whole entire navy in the Atlantic Ocean and the United States forces landed in Ireland. On July 1 1941 General Franco declared war on Hitler and Mussolini and Spain joined the allies. Meanwhile, the United States bombed Japan and Tokyo. On August 2 1941 a battle took place in Moscow and the Soviets were defeated. Meanwhile, Joseph Stalin escaped down to his birthplace and told the Russian people that they will not surrender. In September 1941 the United States forces liberated Ireland and landed in Britain. On September 4 1941 United States forces landed in France and Britain. In October 1941 Britain along with London and Paris were liberated. However, not all of France was liberated and the fighting still continued. By December 1941 the Germans began to launch their assault on Stalingrad.


By February 1942 the United States forces landed in Belgium. Hitler was outraged and Hitler's oldest son Varkolff Hitler committed suicide. Hitler ordered the construction of a nuclear bomb but he didn't know that Albert Einstein had stolen the plans and had given them to the United States. In March 1942 Italy had invaded France again but British and American forces though drove them out of France. General Eisenhower planned an invasion of Italy. At this moment Italy faced a revolution against the Fascists. Mussolini was overthrown in April 1942 and Mussolini and his family along with the fascists were murdered by the Italians. Italy declared war on Nazi Germany after the revolution. The Germans over in Soviet Russia were defeated at Stalingrad and they had been driven out of Moscow. By September 1942 the Germans were completely driven out of the Soviet Union and the Soviets launched their invasion of Romania, Czechoslovakia and Poland. By October 1942 France was liberated by the United States forces. The United States at the same time were also building an atomic bomb. They were planning to nuke Berlin and Tokyo. Nazi Germany was growing weaker and weaker. In December 1942 the Warsaw Uprising took place and John Paul II escaped from Poland and moved to Vatican City and was adopted by the Pope after his parents were killed in the Holocaust leaving him an orphan.


In 1943 the Red Army launched its assault on Berlin. Nazi Germany had been defeated by the Soviet Union but Adolf Hitler though had escaped. Hitler escaped to Greece and established another Nazi Party in Greece. He hoped to start a revolution and overthrow the democratic government and make Greece a Nazi controlled nation. Hitler was assassinated by the Greek government and his Nazi party was exterminated. Japan had been nuked by the United Sates and World War II officially came to an end on December 1 1943.

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