The Germanischen Liga der Europa( Germanic League of Europe) is a confederation of the Germanic States of Europe bound by a common currency exchange and sworn to the protection and stability of Central Europe.

Registration Requirements

  1. All states must be of Germanic origin or former members of the now defunct Holy Roman Empire.
  2. Membership to the Germanic Church preferable but exception can be made.
  3. Cannot war on fellow member states unless the Tribunal finds the offending nation guilty.
  4. All nations must be player nations.
  5. More Rules will be added as needed.

Member States

  • Reiches Großraum Bayern (Founder)
  • Deutches Reiche (Co-founder)
  • Saxony(pending)


The League will have a Tribunal which will govern any federation wide laws, two-thirds state vote must exist in order for any sweeping legislation to be passed. Any nation that deems the law harmful may appeal to the tribunal where the court may rule that that state be exempt from such legislation. The Tribunal will have a cycling leader which will be elected every 5 years. a nation that previous held the position cannot run for the same position next cycle, but the cycle after that it may (ex: Bavaria cannot apply for the post of League Chairman after it just left that office, it will go to another state) Member nations are allowed to war against any non Member nation with impunity, but not member states. (I.E, Bavaria could invade Hungary as it isn't a member, but cannot invade Saxony, which is.) More Will be added as approved.

Chairmen of the Germanic League

  • Pending

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