At the time about 10,500 BCE, the first tribe of people settled in Scandinavia. These people were the Nords, the most advanced people at the time. They were nomads that traveled through Europe and originated from the Alps. They have bred with some Neanderthals, but they are mostly human. The Nords create a nation known as Nordum, which spans through all of Scandinavia. As the ice age ends, their nation grows in culture. Their capital is located at the very northern edges of Scandinavia, called Nordel. By around 250 years of Nordum's existence, a tribe splits off from its and heads east to Asia. This tribe is called Noaust. Another tribe, called Norkin, splits off and heads north, across the North Pole, and settle in the north of North America. By 10,976 BCE, another tribe splits off from the Nords and heads south, called the Nortals. The Nortals settle in Germany, the region of land below Scandinavia, and create the nation Talnor. Talnor grows and spans all the way from the western tips of Europe to the Ural Mountains. Beyond the Ural Mountains, to the east is the tribe of the Noaust, which is one of the descendants of modern Asians. The Noaust tribe spans from some islands in the Pacific Ocean to the Ural Mountains, to the Middle East. By 8,826 BCE, the Noaust conquer all of North America, while the Norks conquer the north of North America. The Norks, however, try to push the Norausts south and conquer North America, but the Norausts resist. Thus, the first war of the world begins, called the Norak War. At the end of the war, a new culture arises, the Noraks. The Noraks spread south and conquer it, too, and by 5493 BCE, the Noraks conquer Antarctica as well. The Noraks venture across the South Pole and sail to the Australian continent, and continue to head north. They reach Asia, and meet their ancestors, the Norausts. The Noraks conquer the Norausts territory as well and banish the Norausts to Africa, where they encounter the first Trops, the race of human that always stayed around the Mediterranean, primitive and without an actual society. By 3000 BC, the first Trops emerge with civilization, and head north and northeast. Asian Noraks push them back to Africa, but the ruling Talnor in central and Southern Europe let the Trops settle south near the Mediterranean Sea. The Trops create an empire, called the Tropzian Empire, which ranges from Northern Africa to the southern coasts of Europe. A new hybrid culture, the Noarops, the descendants of the Noausts and Trops, settles in Central and Southern Africa. This continent is known as the Tropiv. By 1579 BC, the Tropzian Empire rebels against its ruling nation, the Talnor, and banishes them to the German region. There, the Talnor becomes Germania, and Germania thrives as a small, yet strong nation south of its kind neighbor, Nordum. Germania spreads to England and Ireland, but Tropzians conquer it as well. The Tropzians invade the Noraks in Asia, which leads to an intense continental war known as the Norakian Continental War. By the end of the war at 7946 BC, nothing remains of the Norakian continent, Asia, which is known as Norakia, nor does anything remain of the Norakian Empire itself. Only ruins and battlefields filled with the thousands of dead soldiers. Noarops settle in Norakia, and a separate race, Noess, creates the nation of Noess in Norakia. Noess remains as a peaceful civilization in Norakia, and conquers the ruined lands of the Norakians, from the Americas to Antarctica. Germania has conquered all of Europe again except for its rulers in Scandinavia, the Nords. The Nords are the wisest of all the races and watch over every tilt of the world, unharmed. They are the ancestors of all races except for any Tropics, and guide them occasionally. By 237 BC, the nations of the world are: Nordum, in Scandinavia, Germania, in Europe, Noess, in Norakia, Antarctica, and the Americas, and the Tropos, the most primitive empire in Africa. Antarctica is commonly known as Bottom Noess, South America as South Noess, and North America as Old Norakia. Europe is known as Evropa. Africa is known as Tropoia. By the year 166 AD, the first dictator is put into the role of governing Germania. He forces harsh laws and punishments. His name is Duls Oltz. Duls demands a powerful military system to be built, and by 198, Germania has the strongest military in the world. Duls soon plans a massive invasion on Tropos, which he is concerned may head north since their continent is far too dry for farming. By the year 111, Germania invades Tropos and conquers it. Dul was planning a conquest for the world, but he did in 114 before they could do so. After the death of Dul, Germania goes back to being an election-based government. With a whole new continent at their disposal, Germania decides to give Tropoia back to the Tropos, which are brought back and are rewarded food by Germania. By 486, the Nords have invented the first automobile, powered by solar energy. It is very simple machinery, but can move 3 miles per hour. The rest of the world, however, is far more primitive than this. By 1142, Germania copies the automobile design of the Nords and pass it on to Tropoia, which passes it on to Norakia. By 1232, the rest of the world uses solar-powered automobiles. But the Nords are using electrically powered automobiles now. So then, by 1283, the rest of the world uses electrically-powered mobiles copied by the Nords. And by 1321, the first aircraft is created in Nordum, and the world copies by the year 1411. And by 1589, the Nords send a space shuttle into space, called Rum. The world copies the Nord again by 1776. By 1776, the Nords have also set up a colony on the planet Rumnord(Mars). The world copies by the late 1900's. This era, lasting from the year 486-1998, is called the Era Of Sped Technology. By 2014, the world is advanced in technology, continues in the traditions of their nations, and has several space colonies. Daily life is spent with techno-entertainment, a bit more enhanced for the rich. But overall, the world is at peace and at a age of advancement.

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