Germanian Tribes
Timeline: Romae Delenda Est (Map Game)

OTL equivalent: Southern Germany, Austria
Germanics Flag (RDE) Valknut-Symbol-triquetra
Flag of many Germanian Tribes Symbol of the Germanian People
Anthem "Ballad of Valhalla"
Capital Multiple
Largest city Vienna
Other cities Dresden, Munich
Language Germanian
Religion Germanic Paganism
Demonym Germanic
Government Cheifdom
Population 350,000 (estimate) 
Established ca. 300 BC
Currency Barter
 The Germanian Tribes (Germanen) were a ethno-linguistic culture that was organized into different tribes from about 300 BC until 215 BC. They were the Germanian culture in Europe until two kingdoms emerged in 215, the Kingdom of the Danube, and the Kingdom of the Elbe.


The Germanian Tribes came from both the Germanic and Celtic ethnic groups, and settles in the lush plains of Germany, in between a number of influential rivers, like the Danube, Elbe, Rhine, Vistula, and Oder.

The Germanian people who resulted from the two main cultures formed into a series of small tribes, which were often very clan-like. Starting in 230 BC, three main clans came to power, focused around the major cities of Vienna (on the Danube) and Dresden (on the Elbe). and Posen (on the Warta - a branch of the Oder).

By 220 BC, Dresden had overtaken Posen, and they were near unification, while Vienna and the Danube were also near unification.

In 215 BC, a radical change shook the Germanian peoples. A Marcomanni chief, ruling from Vienna, began uniting the Germanian tribes by both force and negotiation, and established the Kingdom of the Danube. Soon after, a Burgundioni chief, ruling from Dresden, merged Posen and Dresden, and also using force, conquered the rest of the Germanians into the Kingdom of the Elbe.

Knowledge of the World


  • Alemani Tribes
  • Saxon Tribes
  • Cisalpine Gallic Tribes
  • Ruthenia


  • Rome
  • Carthage
  • Teutons
  • Old Prussians

Craft and Weapons

  • Small Bronze/mineral usage.
  • Stone Weapons, some bronze, although uncommon.
  • Decent Agriculture
  • Large Hunting

Government and Religion

  • Tribalism, Clans, Oligarchies, Monarchies
  • Rumors of: Empires, Republics
  • Pagan Germanic Religion
    • Odin, Thor, etc.

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