Germania is a nation founded in 96 AD. It is north of the Roman Empire.

Flag of Germany (state)


Germania once was several tribes united in 96 AD. It has little formal structure.




Previous to 96 AD Germania was split into several tribes. While fighting outsiders such as Romans, the tribes often skirmish with each other.

The biggest and constantly warring tribes were the Angles, Gauls and Goths. There were many smaller tribes that occasionally would merge, and many broke off big tribes.


Germanion Unification

The Germanian Unification happened in 96 AD where all Germanic Tribes to form the Germanian Cheifdom. This started when Gaulic and Gothic tribes merged and more tribes merged with the short lived Empire of Gaulogoth.

The reason of this is even the largest tribes struggled to fight with Rome alone. The unity opened up an opportunity for war. Of course Rome knew this and tries to intervene, only fueling the war more.

War with Rome

Main Article:Burlienen War

Later that year, Germania begun to invade Rome. With some economical drops from Vesuvius still in effect, Rome struggled.


Germania 100 AD in blue

The war ended in 99 AD, with the Treaty of Burlienor, nearly doubling the area of Germania. This created peace between the two countries.

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