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German and American arms clash over France, but for several days, the result of the battle is in doubt. First Germany then the US claimed gains in the battle, but the fog of war was so complete, that not even the overall commanders, Manstein and Patton, have any idea what is going on. That is, until both sides agree to a truce.

The aftermath resulted in a minor German victory, having re-occupied Paris and Marseilles, and pushed the Americans back to their invasion beachheads, but the Americans had managed to retreat to stronger positions. President Kennedy called it a "... brilliant feat in arms," though the US still lost. Congress went ahead with the impeachment trial, as Kennedy's plan still did not achieve the success he said it would. The next few months, as Germany and the US, still in a truce, strengthened their positions, waiting for what would happen in Washington, D.C.

So ... What does happen?

Congress overwhelmingly votes to impeach the President

Congress barely votes to impeach the President

Congress barely votes to exonerate the President

Congress overwhelmingly votes to exonerate the President

created by Tbguy1992 21:06, September 3, 2010 (UTC)

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