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German election, 1871 (Groß-Deutschland)

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Template:Unreferenced stub The 1st German federal election of 1871 was the first election to the Reichstag in the German Empire, which had been created earlier that year.


Party Seats Change
National Liberal Party
(NL - National Liberals)
125 None
Centre Party
(Zentrum - Political Catholics)
61 None
German Conservative Party
(DKP - Conservatives)
57 None
German Progress Party
(DFP - Liberals)
46 None
Deutsche Reichspartei
(DRP - Conservative Nationalists)
37 None
Imperial Liberal Party
(LRP - Conservative Liberals)
30 None
(P - Polish Regionalists)
13 None
German-Hanoverian Party
(DHP - Hanover regionalists)
9 None
Workers' Party
2 None
German People's Party
(DVP - Radical liberals)
1 None
Danish Regionalists
(D - Dänen)
1 None
Total 382 -

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