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German Victory in WWII

Aftermath of WWII

In this universe Nazi Germany wins WWII. Nazi Germany wins WWII because Stalingrad is an Axis victory. Because of this, the Russians are beaten and are pushed back to the Ural Mountains. D-day still happens. However, it fails. With the failure of D-day and the Russians being effectively beaten, the Axis invade the UK in March of 1945 and the UK surrenders in September 1945. Japan is still beaten but by October 1945 Germany and America sign a peace treaty. However, both sides were still enemies and a cold war had begun.

The Cold War

After WWII Germany and America had become superpowers. While America had beaten Japan, Germany had not been beaten. Germany had forced the Russians back and crushed the British and taken over Europe. By October 1945 both Germany and America had atomic weapons. So both sides signed a peace treaty.

Having achieved victory in Europe.Germany annexed the west USSR. In 1949 America along with Canada, Australia New Zealand and many other nations formed NATO to counter the Germans and the Axis. Hitler died in 1951 at the age of 61. His successor was Martin Bormann. Hitler had wanted Bormann to be his successor because of Bormann's utter loyalty to him. Bormann would remain the leader of Germany until 1967. In both Germany and America the people were scared of another world war. This time it would be fought with nukes and would result in the destruction of the world. This would be portrayed in media, films, books, TV shows.

The German Russian war

While the Germans had defeated the USSR and pushed it back to the Ural Mountains. The Russians had not surrendered. For years after the war remains of the USSR would fight an endless war with the Germans, inflicting massive casualties on Axis troops. This would play a major role on the collapse of Nazi Germany. The Germans spent billions on trying to defeat these Russians and lost hundreds of thousands of troops to them. Secretly the Americans would arm the Russians with tanks, jets and guns. This was a major proxy war during the cold war.


Britain was invaded by the Axis in March 1945 and surrendered in September. Churchill and the royal family fled to Canada. Mosley was released and put in charge of Britain, despite Britain being beaten. Soon after the war the British resistance was formed and would fight against the Germans. This resistance was funded by the US.

Martin Bormann

Bormann became the new leader of Nazi Germany in 1951 when Hitler died. Bormann's policies were overall the same as Hitler's. He was not as evil as Hitler but he agreed to cover up the mass killing of Jews, and made it look like they were relocated to the east. He would remain the leader of Germany until 1967. When he died Himmler replaced him and became the new leader of Germany.

Bundesarchiv Bild 183-R14128A, Martin Bormann


Heinrich Himmler

After the war Himmler would remain head of the SS and remain loyal to Hitler. However, when Bormann died in 1967 Himmler replaced him as the new leader of Germany. It was Bormann's last wish for Himmler to become the new leader. Himmler would remain the leader until 1979 where he died in his bed.


The US still got the A bomb and dropped it on Japan in 1945. In 1947 Germany got its first nuclear warhead. Both Germany and America are in an arms race on who can build the most nukes.

Bundesarchiv Bild 183-S72707, Heinrich Himmler

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