Welcome to German World!This is a timeline in which the Republican Austrians,Hungarians,Czechs,and Slavs defeat the Austrian Empire and form independent republics.All of these except the Hungarians join the German Confederation.The German Civil War then happens between the German Confederacy (pro-Prussia) and the South German Empire (pro-Bavaria,which took Austria's place).The Prussians win the war and federate the German Confederacy into the German Confederation.It then defeats France and gains Burgundy.Shortly after, the Polish War happens and Poland,Central Lithuania, and Lithuania gain independence of which only Lithuania stayed away from the Confederation.The Lithuanian War then happens annexing Lithuania to Central Lithuania.The Baltic War then annexes Livonia to Germany. The rest of Estonia becomes the Dominion of Estonia.The Finns then gain independence and all of Kola and Karelia minus Murmansk City in the Treaty of Murmansk.The Soviets only take Central Asia and found the Central Asian Union.Republicans form the Republic of Transcaucasia.Pskov declares independence and takes lots of Russian land.It then joins the German Confederation.Shortly after,Outer Manchuria and Sakhalin join Japanese Manchuria.The Russian Far East becomes Japanese Siberia. Belarus and Ukraine gain independence with Belarus joining the Confederation.Ukriane then becomes the Ruthenian Confederation but loses West Ukraine to Germany.Siberia then declares the Republic of Siberia and captures everything west of the Urals.The Russian Civil War then starts with Russia being dissolved into Muscovy,Novgorod,and the Russian Confederacy (headed in Tver).Germany then takes back the former Kingdom of Italy within the Holy Roman Empire from Italy. Luxembourg then joins Germany.The Far Eastern Federation is formed from Japan,its puppets, and Siberia (Tibet retains independence).Germany then invades Switzerland to support rebels causing France,Belgium,and the Netherlands to declare war on Germany.Belgium,the Netherlands,and Switzerland are all annexed.Persia then ousts foreign forces from its borders.Australia then annexes New Zealand,Timor, and other areas of Southern Indonesia.It then also annexes the Pacific Islands to form the Pacific Union.The Union falls to British forces.Canada splits into Acadia,Quebec, Borealia, and Ontario.Alaska,New England, and Cascadia leave the Union.California and Texas also leave the Union.Mexico loses the Bajas,Yucatan,Veracruz,and Sonora to rebels.Central America unites. The Carribbean unites as Carribea.Guyana and Guay are formed.Germany annexes Serbia and Montenegro forming Germany-Slavia.Hungary join the Double Crown making it Germany-Slavia-Hungary.Wallachia falls under German Control while Moldavia becomes Moldovia.The Ottomans collapse into Israel,Syria,Anatolia, and Greece annexes parts as does Transcaucasia.The Brits then lose Northern Ireland to Ireland.Brittany and Normandy form Normandy. Aquintaine goes away from France.Germany is now the Largest Country in Eurasia.The U.K. and Germany join into Europa and annex France.Italy joins Europa.Greece joins Europa alongside Russia.The Union collapses.Muscovy and Novgorod are annexed.Canadian successor states except Quebec join Europa.The entire Commonwealth joins Europa.Finland is annexed.Denmark and Viken are annexed with Hyderabad becoming a member of Europa.Lade and Sweden form Free Scandinavia.Spain and Portugal form Iberia is annexed to Europa.All of the former European colonies in 1848 are annexed to Europa.The Mexicans regain lost lands and Central America well at the same time taking Porto Rico and Cuba. Mexico then forces Hispaniola to join it.The Asian Cold War begins between the Far East and Europa. After Siberia falls the Far East is retained because Tibet joins.Vietnam is divided into Europan Cochinchina,Far Eastern Tonkin, and independent Annam.Japan is defeated and loses Siberia and Hokkaido and everything in between.The Asian Cold War ends with nearly all of China being annexed and the Far East becoming Japan which owned Fujian Protectorate,Manchukao Protectorate,Mengjian Protectorate,South China Protectorate, and Lower Korea Protectorate (which owns South Korea but not the Pusan or the Western or Southern Coasts).The North American Cold War begins between Europa (now owning all of former Canada and the U.S.) and Mexico.It ends with the annexation of Mexico. Carribbea then joins Europa out of fear.The South American Cold War begins between the South American Alliance (Gran Peru,Gran Colombia,Patagonia,and Greater Brazil) and Europa.Europa eventually wins and controls the world except for puny Japan.

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