German War

March 16, 1938


May 12, 1940


Central and Western Europe, the Balkans


Livre victory

Major battles:

For a complete list, see here


Livre Coalition

National Socialist Alliance


See: Livre Coalition#Commanders

See: National Socialist Alliance#Commanders




Casualties and Losses



The German War occurred when Britain declared war on Germany after Germany, under Adolf Hitler, broke the Treaty of Versailles, the treaty formed after the Great War. Britain was later joined by its allies, called the Livre Coalition (Portuguese:Free). Germany later gained allies after helping a series of revolutions across Central and Eastern Europe, with National Socialist (Nazi) governments taking power.


  • 12 March - Germany join with Austria (Anschluss).
  • 15 March - The UK Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain makes an announcement on BBC radio stating that "The Germans have 24 hours to leave Austria and to give Austria it is independence again."
  • 16 March - After no response, Britain declares war on Germany, starting the German War. The Dominions of Australia, Canada, New Zealand and South Africa all declare war.
  • 17 March - Hitler responds to the British declaration of war as foolish, saying "The British Empire is nothing compared to the German Third Reich."

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