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What if Germany only Declared War on Russia? And what if the Ottoman Empire didn't dissolve? Well this timeline explains it all.



Francis Ferdinand is assassinated at Sarajevo. The Austro Hungarian empire is devastated by this event, as as Archduke Franz Ferdinand comes to power. Kaiser William II supports the Austrians against Serbia.

Later in the Year, Germany declares war on Russia. Germany also declare war on France. Germany also invades The Denmark and succeeds in invasion. (POD) Many people are in Denmark are happy of this because of their struggling economy and government and need of help.

Austro-Hungary invades Serbia. Many countries of the world see this a an act of barbation and immaturity, as the countries could not solve their problems peacefully.


The Ottoman Empire joins the war on Germany's side. The Central powers take shape as the powers discus their plan in Berlin.

Austria-Hungary invades Mortengengo and succeeds. The Austria-Hungrarians annex Serbia as a part of their empire.

The Ottoman Empire Declares war on Russia. The Ottomans invade the Northern Casucus for Oil and the Muslim influence there.

Britain Declares war on Germany. In result the Germans bomb London with Zeppelins as airships.

The Ottomans are defeated at Sochi. The Germans send troops to the Ottomans to help them in the Northern Casucus.

The Russians invade Prussia and succeed in invasion. The Germans recruit more troops and deploy them in Prussia.


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