Previous Killer Prepares Coup d'etat (CYOAH)

The Nazi party stands in your way to build a new German state, but their leader, Heinrich Himmler, knows that he can't just overthrow the government, but must work inside the system to destroy it from within. You realize the same thing, and decide to kill two birds with one stone: destroy the Nazi Party and take over Germany. Democratically, of course.

The election of 1933, with the Great Depression wreaking havoc on the German Economy, is a bitter campaign, fought between the German Unity and the National Socialist Party. Campaigning through the country, you manage to sway thousands to your views, and your promises of peace, employment and a new Germany are meet with cheers. However, Himmler is able to rally thousands as well, and polls show that both the Nazi's and the German Unity party are neck and neck going into election day.

As you listen to the radio on election night, you hear the results come in. And the news is great: The German Unity Party has taken 54% of the vote, compared to the Nazi's 37% and the other parties taking up the rest. You are the next chancellor of the Weimar Republic.

What is the first thing you do with your power?

Himmler and his bandits must be dealt with.

Get the unemployed back to work.

Ask the Allies to renegotiate the Versailles Treaty...or else.

Created by: Tbguy1992 23:38, October 5, 2010 (UTC)

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