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You decide that the Nazi Party must be dealt with first before you can do anything else. Luckily, you have a few plants in Himmler's party, and you decide to use them to destroy the party from within.

They start to whisper rumors to the people who just joined the party, attracted by the Nazi's platform. They say things like that the party is really communist masquerading as Nationalism, and that some of the higher members actually have less than savory lives, including Homosexuality and several even have Jewish blood.

They manage to plant these rumors, and begin to turn recent members from the party, and since they aren't coming to meetings and paying their dues, the party starts to suffer financial problems. Himmler catches wind of the rumors, and kicks out those that spread them, further damaging the party (for he can't destroy the rumors).

By 1929, the party is a hollow shell of its former self, and members are leaving in droves to join a myriad of other right wing parties.Your mission is a success.

Now, with the Nazi's destroyed, what do you do next?

The time has come for the March on Berlin!

Wait until the election

The Nazi's are destroyed. We've done our job.

Created by Tbguy1992 23:59, October 5, 2010 (UTC)

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