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Deutsche Sozialistische Republik
German Socialist Republic
Timeline: Der Führer ist Tot
Preceded by 1951–1955 Succeeded by
Flag of the German Empire Flag of Germany
German flag Coat of arms of East Germany
Flag of Socialist Germany Coat of Arms

Proletarier aller Länder, vereinigt Euch! (German)
("Workers of the world, unite!")

(and largest city)
Other cities Hamburg, Munich, Frankfurt, etc.
Language German
State atheism
  others Catholicism, other forms of Christianity
Government Marxist-Leninist socialist state
Currency Volksmark (VM)
Flag of the Communist Party of Germany

Flag of Socialist Germany until 1952

The German Socialist Republic (Deutsche Sozialistische Republik), commonly called Socialist Germany, was a short-lived communist state that came to power following the collapse of Nationalist Germany in 1951. Led by Ernst Torgler, the DSR was responsible for the execution of many high-ranking Nationalist leaders.


Great World War

Following the outbreak of Great World War in 1948, the previously outlawed Communist Party of Germany (KPD) emerged again as a resistance rebelling against Alfred Hugenberg's regime. With Soviet aid, the resistance grew in numbers. As the war continued, many towns were taken by the Socialists. Their golden opportunity occurred following Hugenberg's death.

Rise of the Communists


Fall of the DSR