Greater German Empire
Großdeutsches Kaiserreich
German Resistance Flag Proposal 1944.svg
1945–1957 30px
Red with a yellow Nordic cross fimbriated in black (Resistance Flag) Gold-yellow shield containing a black, one-headed, rightward-looking eagle with red beak, tongue and claws.
Flag Coat of arms
"Es lebe unser heiliges Deutschland!"
"Long live our sacred Germany!"
Location in central Europe (Mitteleuropa)
Valkyrie Germany in 1944, at the time of the Second Lisbon Conference
Capital Berlin
Languages Official language:
Unofficial minority languages:
Danish, French, Dutch, Polish, Lithuanian, Belarusian, Hungarian, Slovak, Czech, Slovenian, Croatian, Italian
Government Semi-authoritarian federal parliamentary constitutional regency
Emperor (Kaiser) Vacant
 - 1945-1957 Ludwig Beck
 - 1945-1955 Carl Friedrich Goerdeler
Legislature Reichstag
 -  State council Reichsrat
Historical era Pretzelpolitik
 -  Monarchy restored 18 January 1945
 - Shift to "Eurafrika"
 - Suez Crisis 1956
 -  Republic Declared 18 January 1957
 -  1944 879,634 km² (339,629 sq mi)
 -  1945 688,271 km² (265,743 sq mi)
 -  1944 est. 109,518,183 
     Density 124.5 /km²  (322.5 /sq mi)
 -  1945 est. 90,030,765 
     Density 130.8 /km²  (338.8 /sq mi)
Currency Reichsmark (ℛℳ)
Area and population not including colonial possessions


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