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The Nazi German Union was established in 1943 after Adolf Hitler's victory during the Battle for
German Nazi Union
Timeline: 1943-Present
Flag of German Union (1943-Present) Coat of arms of Nazi Union
Flag of the German Nazi Union German Nazi Union Coat of Arms
Hitler portrait crop
Adolf Hitler, Führer of Germany (1934-1977)

Da die Adler fliegt (German)
("As the Eagle Flies")

Anthem "Triumph Of The Will"
(and largest city)
  others Hungarian, Polish, Russian, Many Others
Religion Christianity
Ethnic Groups
  others Russian, Polish
Government Nazi single-party state, Totalitarian dictatorship
Chancellor/Führer Joseph Himmler
Deputy Joesph Goebbels III
Finance Minister Sara Braun-Hitler
Area - 1947: 633,786 sq km (244,706 sq mi) km²
Population 1943 est. 17,000,000 
Established 1943
Independence March 10, 1943
Currency Reichmark
Organizations Nazi Alliance, National Socialist Party, German Workers Union
Stalingrad in 1942. The decisive victory led to the creation of the Nazi Alliance in 1944. After becoming Chancellor of Germany in 1933, Hitler was able to grasp control of the power held by the former Kaiser of Germany Wilhelm Von Hindenburg. In that time, he created the German secret police (The Gestapo), as well as rebuild the German Air force (The Luftwaffe) in 1935. By 1937 Germany had risen out of the ashes of the devastation of the First World War, as well as enter a loophole found in the treaty of Versailles by 1938. By 1939 Nazi Germany had been completely reshaped by Hitler and the Nazi Party, their greatest challenge would be on September 1st 1939 with the invasion of Poland, which fell October 6th of that year. With the invasion of Poland, the United Kingdom and Canada declared war on Germany and Russia (Since Russia made a pact with Germany that year). The Nazis took France in 1940, and at that point victory for the Nazis was close. In December of 1941 The United States of America was launched into the war due to the attack on Pearl Harbor that year by the Japanese Air force. They would also attempt to fight against the Nazis on the beaches of Normandy on June 6th 1944, the battle ended up being a tremendous failure for the allied forces due to the release of the Nazi fighter jet the Messerschmitt Me 262 in October of that year.

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