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German language television in the United States began back in 1946, when, due to the presence of large numbers of German-Americans arriving from Europe, South America, and Africa, several entrepreneurs began sensing a need for German language programming.

American German-language Channels

  • ARF - Amerikanisches Rundfunk
  • Cartoon Network - dubbed and original German-language cartoons
  • Comedy Central - German language comedy shows, dubbed and original.
  • Discovery Kanal - science and nature-oriented channel, with numerous specials on Dinosaurs, evolution, physics, astronomy, and conservation
  • Disney auf Deutsch - original and dubbed German-language Disney shows
  • ESPN Deutsch - Sports newscasting in German; shows American Football games on ESPN Radio with German-speaking sportscasters
  • FOX Aktuelles - FOX News in German
  • FOX Geschäft - FOX Business in German
  • Geschichte Kanal - History Channel, with numerous specials on the Roman Empire, the United States, World War II, and the Civil War
  • Kinderkanal - children's television shows, a mix of dubbed and original
  • Kinowelt - German-dubbed American movies and German original movies
  • MTV Deutsch - music videos and live performances, along with music news.
  • Nickelodeon auf Deutsch - original German-language children's programming filmed in America, along with dubbed older American series, such as Rocko's Modern Life, Ren & Stimpy, Out of Control, and Mr. Wizard's World
  • ProSieben - a mix of dubbed and original TV shows, with German-language news breaks at the beginning of every hour.
  • RTL
  • RTL 2
  • RTL Nitro - Premiere entertainment channel with action-oriented American series, such as Knight Rider, Viper, Chase, along with original programming from Germany and around the world.
  • Sat1 - mostly dubbed American television shows and movies, such as Star Trek, Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, Knight Rider (original series), and Battlestar Galactica. The channel also produces original shows
  • ZAF - das Zweite Amerikanische Fernsehen

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