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Deutscher Bundesstaat
German Federal State
Flag of Germany.svg
1933–1991 Flag of Germany.svg
Flag of German Reich (1933–1935).svg Coat of arms
Flag Coat of arms
Das Lied der Deutschen
Weimar Republic 1930.svg
Capital Berlin
Official language German
Religion None (State Atheism)
Government Totalitarian fascist dictatorship (1933-1942)
Single-party fascist state (1942-1989)
 - tbd Anton Drexler (as joint Chancellor-President)
 - tbd Martin Mussgnug
 - 1933-1942 Anton Drexler
 - tbd Günter Deckert
Historical era World War II, Cold War
 - Anton Drexler's rise to power tbd 1933
 - May Revolution tbd 1991
Currency Deutsche Mark

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