Party Votes % Seats before Seats won
Christian German Union 28,208,643 53.88 310 351
Social Democratic Party 12,731,498 24.32 142 134
Federal Democratic Party 10,412,633 19.89 144 109
Centre Party 1,000,325 1.91 9 11
Total 52,353,099 100 605 605

Kohl announced in June that the election date would be September 10th. He campaigned on his and his party's record of tax cuts and strong anti communist stance, compared to Honecker's communist past.

The SPD campaigned on a more moderate platform than in 1980, allowing US bases, but they still demmanded unilateral nuclear disarmarment and renationalisation of some industries.

The SDP were able to regain their position as the largest opposition party, largely due to the FDP campaigning on similar issues to the CDU. The CDU consequently won a huge victory.

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