General elections occurred in the German Empire in October 27, 1881. These elections were the second to occur since the rise of Frederick IV to the German throne, as well as the first to occur in the German Empire since the dismissal of Otto von Bismarck from the chancellorship in April 15 of 1880. The elections were marked by several things; amongst them were the continued dominance of centre-liberal parties in the German Reichstag (with the NLP coming first and the Zentrumspartei coming second), the beginning of growth for the SDP which would lead to extremely high electoral success in the twentieth century, and the continuation of the Alliance of All Demons between the liberal parties and Zentrum, which would continue seamless until 1883, and officially until the next year.

October 27, 1881 General Election results
Party Seats Votes % Seat Change
Zentrumspartei (ZP) 100 +6
Nationalliberale Partei (NLP) 85 -14
Bismarckian Conservatives (KP) 50 -9
Free Thinkers' Party (DFP) 34 +8
Liberal Union (LV) 32 +22
Social Democratic Party (SDP) 24 +15
German Reich Party (DRP) 28 -29
Poles 14 0
Other 30 0
Total 397 5,118,000 100% 0

The resulting ruling coalition was between the Centre Party and the NLP, DFP and LV; this was a centre to centre-left alliance, which got the overt support of the German Emperor, Frederick IV. This alliance was to rule until the following elections, which were to occur in 1884. It was the second term of the "alliance of all demons", as termed by Conservatives, and would prove to be the last, as it was to fall apart a year between the next elections.

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