The German, Italian, Japanese, Hungarian, Romanian, Bulgarian, and Slovakian zones of the Eurasian, African landmass. Germany in Blue Italy in Green Japan in Red Hungary in Orange Slovakia in Yellow Bulgaria in Purple and Romania in Pink

Map of earth hideously distorted
It was a dark time for Europe in July, 1940. The German armies had defeated France, Luxembourg, Holland, Belgium, Norway, Denmark, and Poland. Austria and Czechoslovakia had already fallen. With France defeated, Germany turned to the last fighting obstacle left, the last beacon of hope in Europe, a tiny island, Great Britain.

Over the next six weeks, Hitler planned the invasion of Britain, codenamed, Operation Sea Lion. The Lufwaffe, the German Air force, was ordered to focus on Britain's Airfields, Factories, and Fighters. The full 2,000 German planes continuously hunted down and destroyed Britain's planes, until September, with the defeat of RAF, and air-superiority.

Following this, the Lufwaffe were ordered to hunt down the British home-fleet base, where they bombed and crippled the once proud navy, leaving Britain helpless. Over 150,000 German troops, and 4000 panzer tanks crossed the English channel, and began landing.

Following the successful establishment of a beachhead in southern England, the Kriegsmarine began ferrying around 50,000 troops a day to Britain, and soon, the Germans had control of most of Britain, overrunning Edinburgh, Scotland, Wales, and Burmingham, and drawing a noose around London.

Finally, in November, the German army marched into London, and the shocked British people could only watch as Britain. once the most powerful nation in the world, fell in two months. With the defeat of Britain, Germany gave Japan clearance to conquer the Asian possessions, while Italy took its African possessions.


With England defeated, Germany made plans for it's third blitzkrieg, against the Soviet Union. At first, the generals were shocked, but Hitler convinced the Japanese and Italians to participate, and with the full force of all seven Axis powers(Hungary, Slovakia, Romania, and Bulgaria joining after Britain's fall), the combined force of around 7 million troops were ordered to move to assault positions, Germany in Poland, Italy in Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Slovakia, and Romania in Bulgaria, and lastly Japan in imperial Korea.

Stalin, desperate to keep the peace, asked Hitler what was going on, he said the he was practicing exercises. This managed to convince Stalin, but on may 6th, 1941, the Germans and Japanese launched their offensives at the same time.

Following Germany's lead, Italy invaded two days later, followed in another day by Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, and Slovakia. The quick blitzkrieg forced the Russians to divide troops between the west and eastern fronts, and even their strong army was no match, as a combination of poorly trained officers, surprise, and air power caused the Axis blitzkrieg to capture vast areas of Soviet territory in a matter of weeks.

Japan, to prevent troops from getting to the west quickly, destroyed the trans-Siberian railway, and hunted down and killed all Soviet soldiers, and seizing their tanks. As the two sides wore on, the Axis powers redrew the maps of Asia, Africa, and Europe. Germany was given Europe, and two-tgirds of the Soviet Union, Italy Africa, Japan Asia, and Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, and Bulgaria receiving small empires of their own. Each side was given a part of the Arabian Peninsula do to Oil reserves.

By September 1941, the Soviet Union was conquered, and Africa, Asia, Europe and Asia lost their freedoms to the tyranny of the Axis Powers, but still, there was one global power who presented a danger, the United States.

Operation Great White

Operation Great White, planned by Hitler, Mussolini and Hirohito in 1941, was the most ambitious plan yet. In October, Hitler looked across the Atlantic to the only remaining obstacle that stood in Germany's way to world domination, the United States. Despite the fact that Germany had two of the world's strongest battleships, Bismarck and Tirpitz, the American navy was much larger, it's pacific fleet alone was a match for the Imperial Japanese Navy, it had 20 battleships, divided between the Atlantic and Pacific fleets, and 10 aircraft carriers, and hundreds of other ships.

Though Hitler saw this as just another river to cross, Germany's admiral, Karl Dönitz knew otherwise, and he begged Hitler, along with other Nazi leaders, like Joseph Goebbels, Hermann Goring, Erwin Rommel, and Heinrich Himmler.

But Hitler was adamant, and the Italian navy had 5 battleships, and one aircraft carrier, making for a force that could hopefully break through the american defenses. But the United States, realizing that the war would come to North America whether they liked it or not, and so began rallying all the nations of the Americas for the final, great battle.

The fleets rallying to America were enormous, 100 strong in the Atlantic and 75 in the Pacific, even so, the German, Italian, and Japanese fleets sailed for the American navy. In command of the Axis fleet in the Atlantic, Karl Dönitz led the formation from Bismarck. Leading the USS navy in the Atlantic, was the Iowa.

Finally on November 15th, 1941, the Bismarck led the Axis forces in the Atlantic, and prepared for the final battle. On November 17th, two days after leaving port, the Bismarck spotted the allied fleet near the Island of Cuba. After being alerted to the danger, the Iowa rounded to launch a broadside. Unprepared for this, Dönitz ordered the Bismarck and Tirpitz to do the same, but they couldn't do it in time as the Iowa launched shells at the Bismarck.

Following Iowa's lead, the New Jersey fired a salvo of her own, quickly followed by the rest of the Atlantic fleet. Many shells struck the ships, and they realized that they were outgunned, outnumbered, and trapped. To end the battle before heavy casualties could occur, the carriers in the fleet, well protected from the enemy over 20 miles away, launched their aircraft.

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