German Empire
Deutsches Kaiserreich
Timeline: Northern Defeat
Flag of the German Empire GermanEmpireCoatofArms1889
Flag Coat of Arms

("Gott mit uns")

Anthem "Heil dir im Siegerkranz"
Brandenburg Berlin
Religion Protestant Christian
Ethnic Group German
Government Imperial
  legislature Emperor, Reichstag
Emperor Frederick III
Population 25,000,000 
Currency German Mark

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Founding and Expansion

The German Empire gets its founding between the three Kingdoms of Prussia, Bavaria and Hanover with Prussia being the Strongest. Prussia Annexed both of the other Kingdoms in short order and officially Proclaimed the German Empire under Emperor Frederick III. 

Annexation of Bavaria

Bavaria was one of the Major kingdoms in the dis-unified Germany and was suffering major problems it had been highly weakened by the Napoleonic wars. Prussia emerging much more powerful and with Europe's most well trained and armed in Continental Europe managed to gather the favor of Bavaria and Annexed them in 1821.

Annexation of Hanover

Hanover the smallest of the three kingdoms was lightly populated and highly influenced by Prussia to begin with. The King very suddenly became delusional and Expansionist forcing Prussia to deter them from attacking the Danish or the Dutch. After they showed no signs of backing down the Prussians used 10,000 Unificationist soldiers to help annex Hanover thus Forming the Empire


Following the Quick and relatively bloodless unification of Germany to great surprise of the rest of the modern world Germany under Emperor Frederick III took the Advice of the Unified German courts made up of all of the States of  Germany and took to the sea beginning to found colonies in Africa as well as a Colony far in New Guinea. Germany, however, still had many issues to deal with especially the amounts of people that didn't want Unification under Prussia, or didn't want it at all. 

Military Strength

Army Personnel: 345,000

Naval Personnel: 155,000

Reserves: 875,000

Army Equipment: 

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