Das Reich von Deutschland
Flag of the German Empire
Official language(s) German
Capital Berlin
Largest City Hamburg
Religions Catholicism, Judaism, Protestanism
Kaiser Hans Von Bismarck
Chancellor Angela Merkell
Population 76, 555, 023
Established' 1946
Currency Euro
Regime Monarchy

Established after Third Global Conflict, Germany was made into a monarchy again with an unknown from the Royal Family installed on the throne. Fortunately he was a strong king, and brought Germany together. Geographically, Germany consists of Germany and North-Western Poland, but it does not include Southern Germany OTL. It is also considering merging with the French Throne. The merger failed, however Germany did gain a swath of land in eastern France. Tensions in Europe are building up again as the US and Canada are trying to indirectly control the decisions made on the continent. The ailing Kaiser has been very firm in this point, and has called to arms the people of Germany to unite.

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