Deutsches Reich
German Empire
Timeline: Louisiana Revolution
Preceded by 1876 – 1933 Succeeded by
Alleged flag of the Rhine Confederation 1806-13 German Republic Flag of the German Reich (1935–1945) Nazi Germany
Flag of the German Empire Wappen Deutsches Reich - Reichsadler 1889
Flag of the German Empire Coat of Ams of the German Empire
Anthem "Heil dir im Siegerkranz"
Capital Berlin
Largest city Berlin
Language German
Religion 59% Protestant

38% Roman Catholic

Government Federal monarchy
Currency Reichsmark
The German Empire, or Germany, was a form of Germany that existed from 1875 to 1933. It was characterized by a highly organized and centralized political system created with the intention of leading Germany to victory in European War II and growing it into a great power in order to play a greater role in European politics and strengthen it, as it had lost almost all of its wars up until that point and experienced depressions and riots.

It was formed by Wilhelm I, who established the title of kaiser, and did, in the long term, accomplish all of its goals, growing Germany into a superpower by the 1950s and then being transformed back into a republic. Its economy grew at a ludicrous rate under the imperial government and the military was strengthened greatly, alliances were formed, quality of life improved, and the state of Germany in general did much better following the formation of the empire.