German Empire

War Ensign of Germany 1933-1935

Official Flag of the German Empire

The German Empire is a federal monarchy consisting of 27 constituent states along with several different colonies and provinces. The German Empire was founded on January 18th, 1871 when the then-King of Prussia, Wilhelm I was proclaimed Emperor of the German Empire by the rest of the German states. The Kingdom of Prussia contained most of the territory and population and therefore dicatated most of the policy. Its three main rivals were the French Empire to the West, the Russian Empire to the East, and the British Empire overseas.


German Empire's mainland territories

Following its creation the German Empire quickly became one of the most advanced nations in the world. Aftercreating a network of railroads across the Empire along with several factories that produced processed coal, steel, and other minerals and ores. It became an international superpower and its navy went from negligable to the second most powerful in Europe, only behind the British Royal Navy. It went from a mainly agricultural rural nation to an industrial urban one in less than thirty years. It quickly became a scientific and technological giant, receiving more Nobel Prizes than Britain, France, and the U.S. combined.

Today Germany is the superpower of the world, closely followed by the United States and Japan. It has the largest military and economy however recently has been challenged in several cold-war conflicts with the United States which has formed the U.S.-German Rivalry.




War History

Foreign Relations

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