Eighth Army
8. Armee
Active 1914—1919
Country Flag of the German Empire German Empire

Flag of the German Reich (1935–1945) Nationalist Germany

Role Field army
Size 150,000 (1914)
Engagements World War I
World War II
Commander Maximilian von Prittwitz

The 8th Army (German: 8. Armee / Armeeoberkommando 8 / A.O.K. 8) was an army level command of the German Army in World War I. It was formed on mobilization in August 1914 from the I Army Inspectorate. The army was dissolved on 29 September 1915, but reformed on 30 December 1915. It was finally disbanded in 1919 during demobilization after the war. It was later raised again in 1938 by the Nazi leadership when the military was greatly increased in size, and fought in World War II, and was dissolved after the German defeat in 1945.

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