German Confederation
Timeline: Vive La Revolution Reloaded! (Map Game)
No flag No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
(and largest city)
Government Confederation
  legislature Diet of the Confederation
president of the Confederation
Established 1806
Currency Confederation Thaler
The German Confederation is a confederation of most German states that was founded by the Duchy of Mecklenburg-Schwerin and Brandenburg in 1806.



  • for our colonies, we should expand williams burg in Afria while in america i'm going to try to convince america to sell us everything from new brunswick to chesapeake bay, with the landside border being the niagra river
  • DoM-S: I wouldn't ask the USA if I were you. He is expansionist, and will not just sell us land. I am leaning more towards the African suggestions. We should:
  1. Make a new colony in Africa, probably the Western side. Also expand Williamsburg a bit.
  2. Establish a port in India (in the small white strip)
  3. Expand my Caribbean possessions.
  • And we should also have Confederation posts.
  • DoM-S: We will hand over all our colonies to the Confederation, except for the island of Saint Croix in the Caribean.


Here's a proposed coin. It's not very good. It shows only the Obverse (front). The reverse (back) would just be a map of the confederation. The Thaler would be the equavilent of a dollar. In fact, that is where the word came from.
VRR CoR Thaler


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