Deutsch Eidgenossenschaft
German Confederation
Timeline: A Reich Disunited
Preceded by 1872 Succeeded by
Flag of Bavaria (lozengy) Bavaria

Flag of the German Confederation (war) Hesse

Wuerttemberg Banner Wurttemberg

Flag of Baden Baden

Flag of Prussia (1892-1918) Prussia

Flag of France France

Flag of Switzerland Switzerland

Flag of the German Empire Coat of arms of Germany
Flag Coat of Arms
SouthGermany Reich Disunited
Location of Germany

Einheit und Brüderlichkeit (German)
("Unity and Brotherhood")

Capital Munich
Largest city Munich
Other cities Cologne, Stuttgart
Language German
Government Republic
Area 44,740 Sq. Miles
Population 6,210,000 
Currency Deutsches Mark
The German Confederation (Deutsch Eidgenossenschaft), sometimes also referred to as The South German Confederation, was a nation in Central Europe that existed for five months in the year of 1872 (April 12th-August 30th). The federation was created in response to Prussian aggression and anti-nationalism, intended to be a force strong enough to rival Prussia in the event of a conflict. These hopes were proven impossible, however, when Prussia and France partitioned and annexed Germany after the German War of Unification.