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Pacific War


Cold War, Decolonization Wars

German Civil War

October 15, 1938


December 18, 1942


Germany, Austria, Czechoslovakia


Free German victory


Free Germany
Free Austria
Supported by:
United States

Nazi Germany
Supported by:
Mussolinist Italy
Francoist Spain
Soviet Union
Imperial Japan


Hans Oster

Heinrich Himmler

Casualties and Losses

The German Civil War, also known as the German Freedom War, was a civil war fought between 1938 and 1940, caused by the assassination of Führer Hitler and Hans Ostler's subsequent coup. The war had its origins in the Great War and subsequent German troubles that led the Nazi Party to come to power. The party gained control over Austria and, when it got control over the Sudetenland, Hans Ostler acted against the command of his sponsors and assassinated Hitler, gaining control over Germany despite the public being pro-Nazi. After four bloody years of conflict, the killing of entire villages by Nazis for being pro-Rebel in what was known as the Massensterben. A total of 4 million people, mostly civilians, died in the war. However, post-war, American aid and the war effort in the Pacific War healed the nation's wounds and began the great German economy.

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