Pervious - Killer sparks uprising in Germany (CYOAH)

With the financial power to manufacture weapons and vehicles for the war, and to hire troops, the DUS view themselves as powerful enough to take on Nazi Germany. A massive civil war erupts, but in mere weeks the DUS is on its knees, and Himmler himself leads the final assault on the last remaining town, Fauhterhausen, Northern Germany. What Heinrich Himmler did not realize, however, is the town's surroundings; a marsh encompassed the the town, with centuries of overgrowth and decay, untouched by man for hundreds of years, excluding a miniscule portion used to enter and exit the town on a dirt road elevated above the water line. It was a utter defeat for the Nazi forces, and Himmler was killed. The DUS reconquered most of its lost territories, but Hermann Göring swiftly assumed control of the Nazi forces, keeping a the DUS at a standstill. Germany was now divided; the DUS became "The Free Nation of Northern Germany," and Germany. The conflict lasts for three months after Himmler's defeat, when Göring decides he must do something; go to another country for help, conquer the rest of Europe, or blitzkrieg with every last man, woman, and child into the Northern rebel scum.

What does Göring do?

Jazon Naparleon 16:25, August 4, 2010 (UTC)

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